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Summer Season Risks Athletes Foot

recreational-water-illnessesThe Center of Disease Control and Prevention label recreational water illnesses as potential health risks for the summer. Since many summer activities involve water, contaminated water is a huge risk for many people. Pathogens are easily contracted in public waters such as lakes or spas via contact with the skin or accidental ingestion.

In particular, the feet risk developing athlete’s foot. The athlete’s foot fungus often can be found in public showers that don’t have adequate drainage. To prevent athlete’s foot, it is suggested to keep feet as dry as possible.

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Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a very contagious form of fungus, which can infect persons usually resulting in itching, burning, dry, and flaking feet. Treatment is often difficult, because of its contagious and reoccurring nature. Tinea pedis is the fungus which causes athletes foot, and is found to survive in moist humid areas.

Common places found:

-shower floors            
-public changing areas-locker rooms
-public swimming pools
-socks and shoes        
-dormitory style houses                      

What is Tinea Pedi?

Is the same fungus which causes ringworm, and is known to be spread by direct contact of the infected body part. Or infection can spread by touching other objects and body parts which have been exposed to the fungus. Tinea Pedi is mostly found on the feet, because it is the ideal place for it to thrive on.

Treatment & Prevention

Because of its reoccurring nature of tinea fungus and athletes foot, the best way to treat this condition is with prevention. By taking the necessary precautions such as:

-Wear flips-flops or sandals in locker rooms and public showers.
-Use powders t keep your feet dry
-Keep your feet exposed to light and cool air
-Treating athletes foot with special creams/sprays

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